Tyre Repairs

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Specialist on-site tyre repairs is our core business and no one does it better

Less downtime

We offer a nationwide service and have vans on the road across the country. We will be on site FAST.

The best repairs

Our fitters maintain the highest standards. In the unlikely event that a Tyrefix UK repair fails we will of course come back FOC. We repair over 60,000 tyres a year, and our customers choose to stick with Tyrefix UK year after year.

The right repairs

Our fitters are skilled in a range of repair techniques. You can rely on them to pick the safest, most cost-effective method in every case.

The right replacements

We are an independent sales and service company, which ensures we can always match the right tyre to the right plant. We can usually replace tyres that are beyond repair from stock and get your equipment back to work. If not, we can quickly source and fit a replacement. For Account Holders and Major Projects, we will have the right spares on our vans. We will always take a photograph and consult you before fitting a replacement.

Factory repairs management

Where a damaged tyre that has been replaced is a suitable for a factory repair, we can manage the whole process and minimise your costs.

Easy administration

With fixed price agreements for account holders, electronic job sheets signed on site and a single number for users to call, we think we’ve cut your administration costs to the bone – but are always listening in case there is more we can do. The information we provide will also help you monitor, manage and improve site practice.

Instant invoicing

Within minutes of completing a repair we can transfer all the information you need electronically so you can allocate or recharge costs immediately and minimize errors and omissions. We are happy to make Documents available to you in your chosen electronic format. We can provide photographic evidence of all tyre damage with every invoice. Call our sales team on 01530 244444 or email us here
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Fast On-Site Service

Specialist On-Site Tyre repairs is our core business and no one does it better

We Repair and Replace tyres on site, at depots or road-side, across the UK.

Each vehicle in our fleet of vans (currently we have approximately 90 on the road) is fully-equipped with all the tools necessary for our fitter to effect a fast, safe and fully-insured repair. Once you see our van on-site, you know your problem is sorted.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work – You know that a Tyrefix UK repair will last.

Support for Special Projects

Talk to us about special or high-security projects

We can put all the necessary resources in place to keep you on schedule.

From projects like the London 2012 site, where we established a permanent presence, to rail possessions where precision timing is essential, we provide constant reassurance that there will be no delays caused by problems with site access or having the right equipment or Spares on hand.