Plant Tyre Service Nationwide

Onsite Repair in 3 hours

80 Locations Nationwide

Fix First, Replace Second

Get your Plant Tyre Repaired

With 80 locations, nationwide our normal response time is 3 hours.  Our professional fitters are very knowledgeable on Plant machinery and will get you back up and running in no time.  Unsure if the tyre can be repaired?  Simply use our tyre repair app to upload a photo of the tyre and we’ll let you know.

Need a new Tyre?

Our dedicated plant tyre team will advise you on the best replacement option based on machinery usage. We are 100% independent and not tied to specific brands so we give you the correct advice on tyre replacement. As a nationwide supplier we have negotiated great rated with the top tyre brands so we can pass on these savings to you.

Tyrefix UK: Specialist Plant Tyre Services (Landscape)