The logistics of keeping a site working to schedule and budget are complicated enough without having to factor in downtime because of flat tyres

Keep it simple with Tyrefix UK.

  • Your site managers only need to remember one number and we'll see to the rest.
  • We will be there fast.
  • Our fitter will be an experienced Tyrefix UK employee
  • He will carry a Tyrefix ID card so you know there will be no site safety issues.
  • He will carry out a safe, professional repair - if safe to do so.
  • If the tyre is beyond repair we can supply and fit a replacement. We will always seek your approval before doing so, and can provide photographic evidence of the tyre damage..
  • He can photograph the damaged tyre and will always obtain a site manager's signature on completion of the job so there are no time - comsuming disputes.
  • Paperless e-billing through Coins/Tradex hubs to Basda, SAP, Movex etc.
  • Call our sales team on 01530 244444 or email us on